How To Maintain Your Air Returns


There are quite a few (literally) ins and outs to a central HVAC dusting system. Importantly, many people don't realize that some of the air registers mounted on their walls are actually returns. Air returns are basically where the air is sucked back into your duct system, where it is then circulated to the furnace or heat transfer device (depending on the set up of your system). The air returns are extremely important junctions in a typical central HVAC system.

19 January 2018

3 Suggestions For Furnaces That Aren't Working Properly


Have you just tried to turn on your furnace and discovered that it either refuses to come on or it isn't heating your home when it does come on? Are you about to call for a repair technician but you're wondering if there is anything that you can do while waiting for them to arrive? When it's cold outside, one of the last things that you want to have happen is for your furnace to stop working.

4 December 2017

Register And Duct Maintenance Tips For Better Airflow


When it comes to healthy HVAC system, it is all about good airflow. No matter how well your furnace or condenser units are working, their efforts will be wasted if the airflow is not good. The airflow in your home can be dramatically altered if your ducts and registers are not cleaned. This article explains some basic steps for cleaning and maintaining your air ducts and registers in order to maintain solid airflow.

24 September 2017

Signs You Need To Replace Your Swamp Cooler


A swamp cooler, also known as an evaporative cooler, is an alternative type of air conditioner that makes use of humidity to cool down the area it is cooling. This makes swamp coolers ideal for warm, dry climates. However, like all major appliances, constant use and age can cause a number of problems to begin to manifest themselves. Understanding when your swamp cooler is beginning to exhibit signs that it needs to be replaced can help you replace the unit early, before it fails and leaves you sweltering in the summer heat.

24 September 2017

How To Determine Whether Your Flooded Air Conditioner Can Be Saved


Many central air conditioners are located outside the home, so it is typically one of the first appliances you own that end up submerged in a flood. Since it can cost over $10,000 to replace an A/C unit, you may be tempted to try and repair your current machine rather than get a new one. However, not all flooded air conditioners can be saved. Here are a couple of tips for determining if yours can:

7 September 2017

Getting The Most From Your Air Conditioning System


Modern air conditioning systems will have a variety of components and design features that have the goal of reducing energy usage while improving the performance of the system. Unfortunately, there are additional steps that can be taken, but these are often overlooked. Install Ceiling Fans In Large Rooms If your house is designed with large rooms, it can be somewhat difficult to cool these areas, as the vents may not have enough air pressure to give these rooms good circulation.

25 August 2017

Buying A New Air Conditioner This Summer? Avoid These Common Mistakes


Your air conditioner is one of the biggest and most important investments you can make in your home, which often makes replacing one a challenge. Finding a new air conditioner that offers the best performance and efficiency can be a complicated process for almost any homeowner. Mistakes can be easy to make, and when they happen, there could be expensive and time-consuming consequences. To help you avoid making the wrong decisions when buying a new air conditioner, take a look at these common mistakes.

8 August 2017

3 Keys For HVAC Success


When you need to get all that you can out of your heating and cooling, it is very important that you take care of your system and always make sure it operates to the highest standards. By focusing on the tips in this article, you can count on having an HVAC system that works well and always provides the utmost in service for you. With this in mind, read the tips below so that you can get the best heating and cooling service around.

27 July 2017

Tips For Getting Better Performance From Your AC Unit


An AC unit should not be seen as a standalone system. Instead, you should look at it as an active cooling system that can benefit from some passive cooling strategies. Active cooling refers to something that uses electricity to cool your home, and passive cooling refers to something that taps into natural phenomena to either cool your home down or prevent it from heating up in the first place. Because you do not have to pay for the energy not used in passive cooling, you can decrease your cooling costs by implementing them in your home.

14 July 2017

3 Ways To Keep Your Plumbing System In Good Shape As It Ages


Are you worried about your older plumbing system breaking down or failing altogether? Here are some things you can do to keep it in good shape as it ages throughout the years: Wrap the Exterior Pipes If you live in an area that freezes during the winter, you should wrap any plumbing pipes that are exposed to the outdoor elements with thermal heat tape or insulation foam tubes. This will help prevent them from freezing and bursting when the temperatures drop so you won't have to face any expensive repairs once things start to thaw out.

28 June 2017