Replacing Your HVAC System? 3 Common Questions You Will Have


Has the time come to replace your aging HVAC system? If so, you likely have questions about this major upgrade before you get started.  Do You Need To Replace The Air Conditioner And Furnace Together? The cost of upgrading both your air conditioner and furnace may leave you wondering if it is necessary to replace both at the same time. The answer really depends on what needs to be replaced the most.

17 April 2020

The Basics Of Furnace Heat Exchanger Damage And Repair


With the end of winter rapidly approaching, many homeowners are planning an end-of-season maintenance and inspection appointment for their furnace and home heating system. If your HVAC technician has told you that the heat exchanger in your furnace is cracked, you might wonder if it's really a cause for concern or not. Here's a look at what you need to know about cracked heat exchangers and furnace repair. What Does The Heat Exchanger Do?

11 March 2020

Think Your Uneven Heat Throughout The House Is From Air Loss? Ask These Questions About Your Ducts


If you can feel that some of the rooms in your home during the winter are either very hot or very cold in the summer and the temperature throughout the house is never consistent, the problem could be the ducts and ventilation. In older homes, the ducts can be a big problem. The aging process of a home can cause structural components to settle and move, and as the soil and earth under and around the house change or are affected by weathering, this can also cause structural movement.

5 February 2020

3 Benefits Of Routine HVAC Maintenance


As far as air conditioning or heating systems go, most people don't give much thought to them until they start having problems or break down completely. However, by focusing on air conditioning maintenance early on, you can benefit greatly in a number of ways. Here are just three reasons why routine maintenance is so crucial. You Can Avoid HVAC Emergencies It is never a fun experience for your air conditioning system to stop working during the summer or your furnace to stop working during the winter, and this is exactly why you need to invest in HVAC maintenance on a regular basis.

3 January 2020

3 Ways To Make Home HVAC Care Easier For Yourself


As a homeowner, you might find that taking care of your HVAC unit can become stressful for you from time to time. If you are wondering how you can make home HVAC care a little bit easier for yourself, you might find that these three tips will really help you out. After all, doing what you can to make homeownership a little bit easier can be beneficial for you and your family.

29 November 2019

AC Capacitor: So Small, Yet So Critical


A capacitor is an electrical device that stores electrical charge. The AC capacitor stores electrical power that the AC needs to start up. This is necessary because the AC motor requires a lot of power during start-up, and providing power via the capacitor is the most effective and cost-efficient way to do it. Causes of Capacitor Malfunction The capacitor, just like other parts of the AC, is subject to malfunctions. Here are some of the common causes of capacitor malfunctions.

26 October 2019

Why Getting A Central Air Conditioning System Can Be An Ideal Investment


If you are looking for some ways in which you can improve your home, you may want to consider calling to schedule an air conditioning installation. Sure, it can take a couple thousand to have this done, but the investment can be well worth it. If you are not overly familiar with how much of an improvement an air conditioning system can be, you will want to take a little amount of time to reflect on the following information.

4 September 2019

What To Consider Before Having Air Conditioning Installed In Your Home


Central air conditioning is a nice addition to any home. It's wonderful to walk into any room and be able to feel cool all over your home, as opposed to a window air unit, which only cools one room. Sure, you could put window units in every room of your home, but it could get costly. If you are on the fence on whether or not you should have central air conditioning installed in your home, read on for a few considerations and information to help you make your decision.

14 August 2019

Air Conditioning: What's That Noise?


Central air conditioning units are generally very quiet. You may hear a low hum when they are running or a quiet pop when the compressor comes on, but that's generally the extent of it. Loud or odd noises, especially if they are new, typically indicate a problem with the system. Understanding the causes of various AC noises can help you troubleshoot a problem before it becomes too severe. This can mean the difference between a cost-effective repair versus a more expensive AC replacement.

10 July 2019

Is Your Home In Need Of Mold Removal Services?


Mold spores are basically everywhere—you just can't see them—and they need a dark and moist environment to thrive. Unfortunately, your home has some rooms that are ideal to develop these conditions, such as the basement and bathroom. Keep reading to learn three different signs that mold spores have landed in an area of your home and how you can determine whether mold removal is warranted. Musty/Damp Odor Though a mildew odor is not an obvious indication of mold growth, it is a sign that warrants further investigation.

30 May 2019