Should You Install Your Own Air Conditioner?


For some people, the opportunity to work on their home is a temptation that they simply can't pass up. But while some items around the house are easy to take care of, such as replacing fixtures and replacing your flooring, one that you should never attempt to do on your own is install your own air-conditioning system.

HVAC companies provide an entire array of air conditioning services to make your life easier and also to ensure that your home is heated and cooled properly. A home air conditioning installation provided by professionals not just a good idea but also absolutely imperative if you want to get the most out your system. Below are a few more reasons why you never try to attempt to install your own air conditioner.

It's Not Safe

Done correctly, air conditioning installation requires at least two people to move and set the unit in place. Moreover, if you plan on installing the ductwork as well, you'll need knowledge of where and how to lay out the ducts so that it reaches every part of your home while also trying to navigate the rafters in your ceiling. Even a slight misadjustment can have you crashing through the sheetrock and into your home, which can cause significant injury. There's also the threat of installing the power supply incorrectly, which can shock you or even cause a fire in your home. And if you plan on using gas power for your AC unit, it may actually be illegal for you to install that energy source. Regardless of the other reasons on this list, safety is the number one priority.

It's Not Cheaper

AC units are expensive, and many people think that they can save money on the installation by simply taking the time to do it themselves. But time costs aside, the amount of tools and materials necessary to perform a home air conditioning installation are substantial. Normally, many of these supplies are bought by the air conditioning company at a significant discount from the dealer because they're buying in bulk or because they've established a relationship already. The average homeowner has neither of these, which means that they're paying full price for materials that HVAC companies already have.

It's Not as Efficient

Today's units are much more energy-efficient than they used to be and need to be installed correctly to achieve maximum efficiency for your home. HVAC companies know how to adjust the units for this purpose, and the air conditioning services that they provide are offered precisely because they want you to get the most out of your unit. Whether that's maintenance, repairs, or simply a thorough inspection, HVAC companies know not only how to install your unit but how to maintain it properly for you.


29 October 2020

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