Replacing Your HVAC System? 3 Common Questions You Will Have


Has the time come to replace your aging HVAC system? If so, you likely have questions about this major upgrade before you get started. 

Do You Need To Replace The Air Conditioner And Furnace Together?

The cost of upgrading both your air conditioner and furnace may leave you wondering if it is necessary to replace both at the same time. The answer really depends on what needs to be replaced the most. The furnace is a stand-alone unit in your home and typically lasts much longer than an air conditioner. If the furnace is failing and needs to be replaced, know that you can replace just the furnace components and get a replacement heating solution that is efficient.

However, the air conditioner has an inside and an outside component to cool down your home, which includes the blower unit that is part of your furnace. If you just replace the outdoor compressor, you may not be getting the most efficiency out of your air conditioner as a result. For example, you could be missing out on two-stage cooling, where the fan can recirculate the air at a slower speed and use less energy. Consider the possibility of replacing both the air conditioner and furnace at the same time to maximize the system's efficiency. 

Will Your Home Need To Be Sized Again?

Replacing a furnace and air conditioner is not as simple as replacing it with the exact same size of units that you once had. Things can change in a home that alters the sizing for your HVAC equipment. Insulation becomes less effective, windows become older and less energy-efficient, or you've modified your home by adding an addition or finishing a basement. This can result in needing a furnace and air conditioner that are different sizes than what you currently have in the home.

An HVAC professional will go through the process of sizing your home to ensure that you are installing the right type of furnace and air conditioner. When it comes to HVAC equipment, bigger is not always better, so make sure that this step is performed.

Can You Change The Energy Source?

If you currently have an electric-powered furnace, now is the time to consider switching it to a gas-powered model. You do not have to use the exact same energy sources for your HVAC equipment if you do not want to, especially if you now have options that were not there in the past. 

Contact an HVAC replacement contractor for more information.


17 April 2020

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