Think Your Uneven Heat Throughout The House Is From Air Loss? Ask These Questions About Your Ducts


If you can feel that some of the rooms in your home during the winter are either very hot or very cold in the summer and the temperature throughout the house is never consistent, the problem could be the ducts and ventilation. In older homes, the ducts can be a big problem.

The aging process of a home can cause structural components to settle and move, and as the soil and earth under and around the house change or are affected by weathering, this can also cause structural movement. This often leads to duct issues, because the ducts become separated at the seams. Here are things to talk with the HVAC service team about when they come for a service call.

Testing for Leaks and Cracks

You may have to do a thermal audit to test for cracks and leaks in the ductwork, and the heating and cooling workers have cameras that move through the system. This is an easy way to quickly find the problems or areas where the ductwork may be damaged or separated.

Once this is determined, they will decide how to get in and fix the ducts. If there are leaks and problems in internal walls or above the ceiling, they may have to cut into the drywall.

Sealing the Ductwork

Once all the ducts have been repaired and realigned, you want to pay to have the ducts sealed. Although the heat and air loss will be minimized when the ducts are repaired, sealing the ducts can prevent further problems and air loss. This helps to make your heating and cooling units more efficient and prevents you from wasting money.

Furnace and AC Tune-Up

The heating and air conditioning units should be tuned up annually and inspected for problems and needed repairs. Changing filters, cleaning sensors, and testing fans are all important when maintaining a safe heating and cooling system.

If the temperatures throughout your house are very inconsistent and it causes people to be uncomfortable, you want to get to the bottom of the problem and get the necessary HVAC repairs completed. If you think that air is leaving the ducts all in one area of the house and not making it to the other areas, talk with the heating and cooling professionals about bringing a camera and dealing with that problem when you call to schedule your consult and appointment. Call HVAC services today to get started.


5 February 2020

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