What Every Commercial Property Owner Should Know About The Importance Of Commercial HVAC Services


Do you own a commercial property? The HVAC system is an integral part of your business, but you may be like many property owners who do not understand the importance of having an efficient system. Many property owners think that as long as they are not experiencing issues, their systems are in proper working order. This assumption can be a costly mistake. Some property owners also do not know when they should consider upgrading their systems. This can result in them losing revenue that could have been used to invest in a new system. The following points will shed insight into what your commercial HVAC system may do if it is near the end of its lifecycle.

Abnormal Energy Bills

Perhaps you have noticed that your energy bills are rising. This can occur if you have unusually high or low temperatures requiring you to change your thermostat adjustments. It can also be due to your HVAC system needing to be upgraded. Another thing to check in the event of higher energy costs is your air filter. It is possible for a dirty air filter to cost HVAC operational costs to skyrocket. 


There are a number of odors that your HVAC system may emit. These odors should be taken seriously because they can put your employees and customers at risk for sickness. For example, musty odors may be indicative of a system that has been compromised by water or moisture and have existing toxic mold present within. There is also the possibility for gas smells to be present, which could be a sign of a gas leak related to a faulty furnace. Keep in mind that some gas leaks are not odorous. These can result in carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Safety Issues

Routine inspections can aid in identifying numerous issues. Sometimes critical components of an HVAC system may malfunction. For example, a cracked heating exchanger in your commercial heating could result in your employees and patrons being at risk of health issues.

An HVAC technician is a good resource to use to understand more about replacing your commercial heating system. If the heating and air units are not the same age, you may find that you only have to replace one portion of the system. There are other incidentals that could impact your investment in a new HVAC system. For example, your business may qualify for grants and rebates by opting for a more energy-efficient system.


25 April 2019

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