FAQ About HVAC System Problems


An HVAC system can develop numerous problems due to normal wear and tear that can affect energy efficiency. Resolving such a problem might require several repairs being performed, and you might even need to replace the system altogether. However, sometimes HVAC problems can appear to be more severe than they actually are, which is why getting a professional inspection performed is in your best interest. You can actually get a good idea of what is wrong with the system based on the types of problems that it has, such as being able to produce heat but not cold air. Take a look at the content below for answers to questions that you might have about the common problems of an HVAC system.

Why Is No Cold Air Being Produced?

An important aspect of a central air conditioner is the coolant, as it is needed for pulling heat out of the air. If you are unable to cool your house down, it can mean that the coolant is too low. You will likely need to get your air conditioner recharged before the problem will be resolved. However, the coils can also play a role in a lack of cold air, especially the evaporator coil. The system requires the evaporator coil to be in good shape because the coolant uses it to cool down air as it travels through. The condenser coil is needed because it sends hot air out of your house when the air conditioner is running.

Why Did the Heater Stop Working?

A central heater can stop working in the blink of an eye, and it is usually due to a furnace problem. For instance, all it takes is for the furnace pilot to go out for the heater to stop producing warm air. The best thing about dealing with such a problem is that it can easily be resolved. You can contact a technician to reignite the pilot and your heater should work as though nothing ever went wrong. Various other furnace problems can cause the heater to stop working as well, so sometimes a thorough inspection must be performed.

How Can Duct Problems Be Detected?

Detecting problems with the air ducts can be difficult without professional assistance, as they are hidden. If you smell a bad odor when the HVAC system is running, it might mean that the duct system is dirty and need to be cleaned. However, if you are only able to receive a small amount of air no matter if the heater or air conditioner is on, the air ducts might be damaged. It is possible that air has been leaking out of the ducts through holes that developed due to the ducts being old. You might need to get new ductwork installed in your house.

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30 January 2019

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