Why You Should Change Your AC Filters Even In Winter


Your air conditioning system has intake filters that trap particulates and prevent them from flying into the rest of the system, and then back out into the room. These filters for the air conditioner may be different than those for the furnace, so in winter, you might think that there's no need to change the air conditioner filters. This is not quite true. While you don't have to change them often, you shouldn't ignore them.

No Anti-Dust Bubble

Imagine that your air conditioning intake vent sees no use for months. You never turn on the air conditioner, and no other system is connected to that vent. You're still going to have dust drifting in and settling onto the filter's surface. The intake vent does not end up in an anti-dust bubble that keeps all dust away from the vent. While you might not need to change the filter very often, or even at all, keep checking it. You are better off keeping an eye on the dust that does drift in, instead of ignoring the filter until a hot day arrives.

Occasional Air Conditioner Use

Depending on where you are, or what the weather decides to do that day, you might actually turn on your air conditioning during winter months. Even if it's for only a day, that still draws dust and other particles into the intake vent and onto the filter. Keep checking the filter, even if you find you don't have to change it as often. The system will be much more efficient if the filter is clean.

They May Actually Be Part Of The Heating System, Too

Some homes have separate heating and cooling systems, and you may have seen a furnace with its own filter in your home. However, not all systems are like that, especially if you're in an apartment. The central heating and air there may use the same intake filter, in which case you do need to check it and possibly change it every month. Checking it is so simple that there's no reason not to do it. Keep a few extra filters on hand so that you can change the filter immediately if you find it's nearly clogged with dust and lint.

Once warmer weather seems like it's on the way, have your air conditioning system inspected and repaired, if necessary. Those little filters do a lot to keep the system in better shape because without them, the system would easily gum up with dust, pet fur, dander, and more. By keeping the filters clean even in winter, you prolong the life of the air conditioner so that you can use it during more summers. For more help and guidance, contact a company like Precision Temp Heating & Cooling today.


21 December 2018

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