Myths About Your Furnace You May Believe


When the temperature is extremely cold, keeping the home warm becomes more than just a matter of comfort, as prolonged exposure to extremely low temperatures can be a safety risk. Your furnace can be an essential tool during the winter, but myths about these devices can lead to homeowners making critical mistakes in caring for these devices.  

Myth: Furnaces Are Maintenance-Free Appliances

You may go for weeks without needing to seriously think about your home's furnace. This can lead to the assumption that a homeowner will never need to do any maintenance on these systems. While most furnaces will not have intense maintenance requirements, there are a handful of tasks that will need to be done to keep these systems in good condition. This will include cleaning the unit each year as well as changing out the filters for the furnace's air intake monthly.

Myth: Gas Furnaces Offer No Advantages Over Electric Models

If you have the choice between installing either an electric or gas furnace, you may assume that an electric model will always be the superior option. However, gas furnaces will have the advantage of being able to work despite there being a power outage. If you live in an area that experiences frequent or lengthy power outages, a gas furnace can keep your home comfortable during these periods. When choosing a gas unit, make sure to opt for one that has a manual control option as the electric thermostat may not be able to work during power outages.

Myth: Furnace Problems Are Always Highly Obvious

It is easy to think that furnace problems will always be extremely noticeable. While this is true for major problems, many furnace issues will start out as seemingly simple issues that can grow in severity and impact. One example of this can be a partially clogged burner. This will have the immediate impact of reducing the overall efficiency of the furnace, which may not be entirely noticeable at first. As time passes, this clog can worsen until the burner is completely blocked and unable to work.

Myth: Moisture Is Not a Major Threat to Furnaces

Homeowners will often severely underestimate the impact that moisture exposure can have on a furnace. This is particularly true when the furnace is kept in the basement of a home as these areas will often have high humidity, poor ventilation, or an affinity for leaks. Condensation can eventually lead to corrosion that may create holes in the furnace or impair the functioning of mechanical components. If these problems occur, contact a furnace repair service as soon as possible.


12 November 2018

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