Checking For Water Leaks


If you've noticed that your water bill has gone up and is much higher than it should be, there are a number of things it could be. Maybe someone is just using more water in your house than you expect they should. Maybe you have a faucet that is dripping and tightening it up will fix that issue. But, it could be something worse. It could that you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system and you are going to have to seek plumbing repairs. So, if you think that you may have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system, what should you do?

Checking for Leaks

You need to start by seeing if you can find the leak. There are some easy ways for you to look to see if you have a leak. Finding the leak will make it easier for you to pinpoint where the leak is. You may not have the exact location, since water moves and flows, but it's a good place to show the plumber. 


First, you should check around between your house and where the water meter is. There is generally a spot in your yard that has a small metal cover. That's where the water comes from the main hookup to your house, through the meter which measures how much water you use. If there is a leak between the meter and your house, then you are likely to see a muddy or soft spot over where the pipes are. It doesn't have to be a big spot, the size is going to depend on how big the leak is and how long it's been going on. So, walking the entire length of the pipe between your house and the meter will help to eliminate things.


You should also check all exposed pipes to see if you can see drips or puddles. Make sure that you look in your cabinets too. If you don't see a leak, but you are still pretty sure that you have, then you are going to need have a professional come in and look. They may be able to send a camera down into your pipes. The camera will let them see the state of the pipes and the joints, especially the parts that you can't see because they are hidden in the wall. They will also look for weakened or soft drywall. 

If you are worried about your plumbing and possible leaks, then you should check for it to see if you can find it first, then you should call a professional to find it and repair it. 


31 May 2018

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