How To Prepare For AC Installation


If you are upgrading or installing an air conditioner, there are a few preparation measures you need to take care of to give the technicians easy work on installation day. Here are some of these measures and how they will help the installers accomplish their mission:

Clean the Ductwork

You need to have your ductwork cleaned and any holes plugged before the installation day. This is particularly necessary if the ductwork is aging or if it has not been used for some time. Such a ductwork is likely to be chockfull of dust and debris. Installing a new unit and using it which such a ductwork is dangerous because it will just push the debris into your clean home, and that may be a disaster for your respiratory health.

Clear the Installation Area

You also need to clear the installation area and ensure it's free from obstacles that may hinder the installation or block the installers' path. The outside unit should not be installed in an area that receives direct sunlight, but it should also not be too enclosed because that would hinder air circulation. Get rid of any toys, garden hoses, sprinklers, and outdoor furniture that may be blocking the installation area.

Ensure Accessibility to All Relevant Areas

The location for the outside unit is not the only area that the technicians will need to access. They also need access to the interior of your house as well as the main electrical panel and all the areas between them. In short, your house should be fully accessible during the installation process.

Take Care of Your Young Kids and Pets

Young kids and pets may get in the way of the technicians' work if you leave them to your own devices. You don't want kids playing ball near the installation area or pets running around and getting friendly with the installers. Therefore, have someone to look after the kids and get the pets to a safe place until the installation is done.

Ensure You Are Reachable

Lastly, it's also good for you or any responsible adult to be around on the installation day. That way the technicians can review the job details with you when you arrive, answer any questions you may have, have you sign the paperwork, and take care of any accessibility issues that may arise.

Apart from the above, there may be a few specific measures your technician of choice may require for you. Make sure you are clear on them before setting an installation date. Contact a company, like Weather Control Air Conditioning, Inc., to get started.


28 May 2018

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