Signs You Need To Replace Your Swamp Cooler


A swamp cooler, also known as an evaporative cooler, is an alternative type of air conditioner that makes use of humidity to cool down the area it is cooling. This makes swamp coolers ideal for warm, dry climates. However, like all major appliances, constant use and age can cause a number of problems to begin to manifest themselves. Understanding when your swamp cooler is beginning to exhibit signs that it needs to be replaced can help you replace the unit early, before it fails and leaves you sweltering in the summer heat.

Bad Smelling Air

One of the earliest warning signs associated with a swamp cooler that has begun to enter the end of its lifespan, and also one of the easiest to spot, is a foul smell coming from the cooler. This smell can quickly permeate your home, and usually points to some sort of mold or fungal growth within the unit. Sometimes it's possible to clean out the swamp cooler and get it back up and running, but more often than not it's a good idea to replace the unit entirely, as improper operation is usually the reason such an odor can occur in the first place.

Poor or No Circulation

Another clear indication that your swamp cooler is no longer operating as it should is if you notice weak air flow coming out of the unit. A lack of any sort of air circulation will manifest itself through warmer temperatures throughout your home, as your swamp cooler is less able to move chilled air throughout your home. This can usually be attributed to worn out mechanical parts within your swamp cooler: while replacing individual parts can fix short term problems, if the entire unit is old a vast majority of these internal components are likely at high risk of failure – which would make replacement the more economical option.

Leaking Water

Finally, the most obvious sign that you need to start shopping for a new swamp cooler is if there is water leaking around the base of the unit. This can point to physical damage to the cooler itself, which can significantly hamper its operation and greatly increase the risk of an entire unit failure. Having an ac repair professional come in and diagnose your leaking swamp cooler can help you determine if the water can be attributed to simple condensation and humidity, or a physical leak from the cooler. 


24 September 2017

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