Register And Duct Maintenance Tips For Better Airflow


When it comes to healthy HVAC system, it is all about good airflow. No matter how well your furnace or condenser units are working, their efforts will be wasted if the airflow is not good. The airflow in your home can be dramatically altered if your ducts and registers are not cleaned. This article explains some basic steps for cleaning and maintaining your air ducts and registers in order to maintain solid airflow.

Checking Your Registers

Checking the registers throughout your house might seem obvious and silly, but some people complain about reduced airflow and even call in technicians to service their system before they even check if their registers are in the open position. You don't want to have an HVAC tech come all the way to your house just to flip your registers open. In some cases, you just need to readjust your registers to maximize your airflow. If one side of your house is consistently hotter than the other side, make sure that those registers are open, and possibly close the registers in the hotter rooms in your home.

Clean Your Ducts

While you have your registers removed from the wall, it is definitely worthwhile to check your air ducts and see if they would benefit from a simple cleaning. You can vacuum out your ducts with the wand attachment of a hose vacuum. Of course, unless you have professional duct cleaning products, you probably won't be able to clean 100% of your air ducts. However, it is still a good idea to clean the sections of your ducts that you can actually reach. You can use a broom or extendable dusting sticks to reach pretty far back.

Do You Have In-Duct Air Filters?

Many HVAC systems will have air filters directly in the ducts. These in-duct systems are easy to check and clean. While you are cleaning your registers, you might find that find multiple filters. Most large homes have at least 2 in-duct filters. If they are dirty, you should replace them immediately because this could reduce airflow.

The great thing about these simple jobs is that you can do them right now and you don't need any special tools. Your system will certainly benefit from cleaner air ducts and registers, even if you don't immediately notice a drastic improvement in your airflow. Cleaner registers also help to improve the air quality in your home.

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24 September 2017

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