Tips For Getting Better Performance From Your AC Unit


An AC unit should not be seen as a standalone system. Instead, you should look at it as an active cooling system that can benefit from some passive cooling strategies. Active cooling refers to something that uses electricity to cool your home, and passive cooling refers to something that taps into natural phenomena to either cool your home down or prevent it from heating up in the first place. Because you do not have to pay for the energy not used in passive cooling, you can decrease your cooling costs by implementing them in your home. 

Start at the Top

Your roof gets the most exposure to the sun. This means that your roof is responsible for most solar heat gain during the day. In other words, it is highly likely that your roof absorbs the sun's energy and then conducts it into your home in the form of heat that your AC unit then has to contend with. If you want to decrease the amount of heat that enters your home through your roof, little things can make a big difference. For example, simply using a white roof can reduce cooling costs by up to 1520 percent. The trick is that a white roof will reflect most of the sun's energy away from your home. While you should not feel like you need to rush out and replace your roof, you should consider replacing your existing roof with a white roof whenever it seems possible or necessary. 

Turn to the Trees

While a white roof will help to prevent your home from heating up in the first place, you can also take steps to improve the functioning of your AC unit. For example, you can help your condenser coils to cool air more efficiently by planting trees. A condenser unit depends on a steady supply of relatively cool air in order to cool the refrigerant running through it. Trees cool the air through a process known as evapotranspiration. The air cooled by the trees will then settle into your yard, where it can be used by your condenser to cool refrigerant. You might think that you would have to wait decades for a tree to grow enough to make a difference, but by planting fast-growing trees, you could see benefits in just a few years.

The two tips discussed above should be enough to prove the merits of passive cooling. Little things such as a white roof can make a big difference in cooling costs. If you are dealing with exorbitant cooling costs, utilizing passive cooling strategies may be part of the answer for making your costs more manageable. 

For more tips on both active and passive cooling, contact a professional HVAC contractor.


14 July 2017

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