Why You Should Consider Keeping Your Steam Boiler Heating


If your home has a steam boiler, you may be considering switching over to forced air heating when the boiler gives out. After all, boilers are often thought of as outdated since forced air heats up a home more quickly and is cheaper to install. However, boiler heating is not quite the dinosaur some people would have you believe it is. There are some reasons to reconsider keeping your steam boiler heating system.

It keeps your air cleaner.

In an older home, there's usually more dust. Floor boards and wall materials are starting to break down a little, and there may even be some tiny holes where dust blows into the home from the attic or the outdoors. With a forced air heating system, these dust particles accumulate in the ducts, and then when you turn on the heat, they get propelled throughout your home. Boiler heating, however, does not cause this problem. Any dust generated in your home stays put until you get to wiping it up. This means fewer allergy symptoms for those with dust allergies. It also means a cleaner home and less effort spent vacuuming and dusting.

It keeps your home feeling warmer.

Forced air heating may change the temperature of a room more quickly, but a home with boiler heating actually feels warmer than one with forced air. This is because the radiators used to heat a home with a steam boiler "radiate" heat through the flooring and walls. So, the surfaces around you feel warm, not just the air. This may allow you to keep your home a bit cooler while still feeling comfortable with boiler heat. And it will mean you don't have to walk across the chilly floors that are so common in homes heated with forced air.

You won't have to modify your walls.

Changing over to forced air heating may be a larger endeavor than you imagine. The pipes used to carry steam to your radiators are quite small. The ducts used to carry heat to registers will be much larger, so your walls may not be able to accommodate them. You may end up needing to have certain walls taken down or moved to accommodate the ductwork. If you stick with steam boiler heating, you'll only need to replace the boiler. While a boiler may cost more than a forced air furnace, your total cost will be less since you don't have to remodel your walls.

To learn more about steam boiler heating and its benefits, talk to a heating contractor like Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning in your area.


14 April 2017

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