3 Ways To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your HVAC System This Spring


This spring, as you prepare to really clean your house, make sure that you add the tasks below to your to-do list. These tasks will help you improve the energy effectiveness of your HVAC system this summer when the heat really hits.

#1 Open Up & Clean Your Vents

If you closed the vents inside of your home that your HVAC system used over the winter, now is the time to open them up. Ideally, you should not have any vents closed. Closing vents interrupts the flow of air from your HVAC system and can cause your home to not heat up as it was intended to, which can reduce the effectiveness of your HVAC system. As you open up the vents, take some time to clean them as well. Vacuum down the vent ducts as far as you can. Wipe down the vents themselves as well with a wet cloth or a cleaning wipe. This will get rid of dust and dirt that will dirty up the air you breathe. 

#2 Change Out The Air Filter

One of the most important yearly maintenance steps that you can take is changing out the air filter for your HVAC system. Take out the air filter and replace it. When you replace your air filter, choose one that will filter out the highest percentage of dirty and allergens. This will help keep the air inside of your home cleaner. When you install the new air filter, make sure that you set a reminder on your phone to change out the filter at the appropriate date down the road. Also, write the date that you installed the air filter on the side of the filter; this will help you keep track of when you installed the latest air filter.

#3 Seal Up Drafts 

One of the things that compromise the effectiveness of your HVAC system the most are drafts in your house. Check around your windows and see if you can feel air coming in around your windows. If you can feel air coming in around your windows, you are going to want apply caulking around the edges of your window frame to cut down on the draft. Applying the caulking around the inside and outside your windows will decrease the draft around your windows most effectively. Be sure to check the seal inside of your windows as well; if the seal inside of your windows is worn down, it may need to be replaced.

Another source of drafts are your doors. Check the weather stripping around your doors. If it is cracked or worn out, you'll need to replace it. It is simple to replace; most weather stripping is self-adhesive, so you just have to measure and cut the weather stripping and apply it around your door frame. Check and see if drafts are coming from under your door. If you are getting a lot of drafts from under your door, you are going to want to put a draft blocker on the bottom of the door. 

Completing the three tasks above will help your HVAC system work more effectively this summer. Be sure to add these tasks to your spring to-do list. 


13 March 2017

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