Strange Ways In Which Your HVAC Can Affect Your Home's Value


It's a given that something as central to your home as an HVAC unit is going to affect the home's value. However, if you are about to sell your home, be aware that your HVAC unit can have some interesting effects on the value due to some unexpected issues. Addressing these issues can help mitigate any negative effects and promote any positive effects.

Sound Pollution

You're likely used to the hum of your HVAC unit by now, but others could find it too loud. Believe it or not, HVAC noise can be a sound pollution issue if the unit is very old or not in good repair. Have HVAC maintenance contractors check out the unit to ensure it is in good condition; if it's an old unit, you may want to replace it before selling. Newer models of HVAC units are a lot quieter than older models, and the fact that the system is new, too, is a big selling point. With a new, quiet HVAC system, you can show prospective buyers that the house will be comfortable without having loud sounds to contend with.

That Airy Vaulted Ceiling

A lot of newer homes come with huge front rooms, vaulted ceilings, and plain old vertical space that is empty save for a chandelier. That affects how warm or cool your home can become. This can be good in certain situations; summers will feel a lot more comfortable in your home because more of that hot air will rise up and away from ground level. But then on the flip side, winters will feel colder because all that hot air from your heater will rise... you get the picture.

That can affect your home value if you live in a colder region because it means the HVAC will have to work harder. You can counter that by ensuring the HVAC is in top shape and is highly efficient. Have the HVAC inspected, the ducts cleaned, and any issues fixed. If necessary, have the unit replaced. If you can show that the HVAC is in great shape and can handle those vaulted ceilings, you'll make your home look a lot more financially attractive.

IoT Fears

Were you thinking of getting a smart thermostat as a way to gussy up you house for potential buyers? You may want to wait. While smart appliances are becoming very popular, there is a dedicated segment of the population who does not like them because of their hackability. Lest you think that's an urban legend, think back to October 2016, when half the internet was taken out by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Bots had taken over smart home appliances like DVR recorders and used them to attack a domain provider. Because smart thermostats are technically connected, there are people who will not want to buy the house. Your best bet is to leave specialty thermostat installation to whoever buys the house. Concentrate on making the actual HVAC unit the best it can be, and whoever buys your place will be able to customize it as they like.

Make sure the core of your home is in great shape, and you'll be able to find some good buyers. Get started by having the HVAC unit looked at, and go from there.


3 March 2017

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