4 Benefits Of Infrared Radiant Heaters For Your Business


There are many different ways to heat your business. However, some heating devices just don't make sense in some areas. Infrared radiant heaters, however, are great for big areas where you only want to heat your employees and not your equipment. Check out these four benefits of infrared radiant heaters for your business.

They Heat You Fast

Infrared radiant heaters will heat up your business faster than other heating devices. For example, with a forced air heating system, you have to wait for the system to slowly heat the air. Eventually, the air circulates and heats the entire room, but this takes time, especially in areas like big garages.

Infrared radiant heaters heat fast because they use a stream of heat particles, which works much like the natural sun. Imagine stepping out from a cold house into the warm sun. You immediately become warm as the light hits your body. An infrared radiant heater works the same. The light emitted by the heater is absorbed by your skin and clothes like sunlight to warm you quickly and effectively.

They Do Not Pose Health Problems

When you consider that infrared radiant heaters work like the sun, you may be worried about dangerous UV rays. However, these heaters don't use dangerous UV rays, so you get all the benefit of the sun without the threat of skin cancer.

Another way these heaters are healthier than some other heating devices is because they do not remove humidity or oxygen from the room. When humidity or oxygen is removed from the room by other heaters, your employees may begin to complain of sinus pain due to dry sinuses. Also, they don't emit dangerous fumes or gases into your business or the environment, making them healthier for everyone and the planet alike.

They Are Cost-Effective

If you are looking for ways to cut your spending, infrared radiant heaters are a great option because they provide zoned heating. Zoned heating is always a cost-effective way to heat because it heats only the areas you need heated without putting strain on your system. You only have to heat areas that are being used by employees. This is incredibly important when you have big spaces like garages where you don't need to heat the entire room. Instead of heating your equipment, just heat the people and save money.

In addition, if you have an area of your business that is frequently exposed to the outside, such as a garage, other heating solutions are a total waste of money because you are just letting the heat escape outside. Radiant heaters don't do that. Because they only heat specific areas, the heat won't leave even with the door wide open.  

They Require Little Maintenance

Another reason infrared radiant heaters will help your company save money is because they require little maintenance. With forced air systems and other big heating devices, there are a lot of moving parts. These moving parts require maintenance to keep them working properly. This means you spend more money more often on professional maintenance.

Infrared heaters have no moving parts. However, they still require some maintenance to keep them working great. Instead of replacing and lubricating parts, you'll simply need to clean the reflectors. With the reflectors dirty, less light is able to successfully emit from the heater, reducing the efficiency and effectiveness.

Don't waste money and energy by heating nothing. Infrared radiant heaters heat the areas you want heated without wasting energy. If you have a business that could benefit from radiant heaters, contact a professional that supplies commercial radiant heaters in your area today to get a quote. You'll keep your employees warm without throwing away money. 


11 October 2016

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