2 Problems With Your Home's AC Unit You Can Repair On Your Own


Nothing is more frustrating than when your home's air conditioner stops working. Whether your air conditioner only blows warm air or stops blowing air altogether, you will likely want to get it working again as soon as possible to keep the summer heat out of your home. You may not need to hire a professional immediately, as there are some repairs you can do yourself. Here are two problems that can occur with your AC unit you can remedy yourself.

Clogged Filter

One of the most simple reasons a home air conditioner is not working properly is due to a dirty and clogged air filter. As your air conditioner draws warm air from your home to cool, it also runs the air through a filter. The filter's purpose is to keep the inside of your air conditioner clean and to also remove dirt, lint, and other impurities out of your home's air.

When your air conditioner's filter becomes clogged and dirty, your AC unit's fan cannot pull air through the filter, which can put stress on the motor. Then, as the fan motor struggles to pull warm air into the unit, the AC unit's condenser coils aren't able to keep an even temperature balance. This can cause the coils to become frozen, which prevents the refrigerant from cycling through and causes your AC unit to stop cooling your home.

The solution to a clogged filter is also one of the most simple to remedy. It is important to check and replace or clean your AC unit's filter regularly, completing this as often as once a month. One way to remind you when it is time to check and replace or clean your filter is when you pay your monthly power bill. If you use your AC unit quite a bit during the summer and you have pets in your home, it can be necessary to check and clean or replace your filter more often than this.

Frozen Coils

There are two main causes of frozen coils in your home's air conditioner unit. A dirty filter is the first—as mentioned in the above section, as it prevents warm air from being pulled from your home, over the coils, and into your air conditioner. A second cause of frozen coils is from blocked and dirty coils on your home outdoor condenser, which does not allow your air conditioner condenser to release heat, thereby causing your air conditioner to become overheated, resulting in it not working its best.

Along with regularly checking and replacing or cleaning your air conditioner's filter, you can also clean off your condenser's exterior coils to dislodge any dirt and debris that may be blocking the release of your unit's exterior heat. Remove any leaves, branches, or plants around the exterior of your condenser, then use your garden hose to spray away any dirt and debris. Don't use a pressure washer to clean around its coils, as this can cause damage to your air conditioner condenser.

If spraying off the exterior of your AC condenser does not remove all the residue clogging your condenser, you can hire a professional AC technician to use a chemical treatment to clean it.

After you are able to remove any clogs in your AC's system, you can thaw the unit's coils to get your air conditioner cooling your home once again. To do this, turn your air conditioner to run the fan only for a couple hours so the warm air can thaw the iced coils. After several hours, turn your air conditioner back to cool to determine if the coils have thawed.

Use these tips and instructions to help remedy these two common problems in your home's air conditioner. For more tips, contact the company who did the air conditioning installation in your home.


9 August 2016

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